Robocop In Pursuit



Last February I entered Douglas Sonders, Robocop retouching contest, didn’t win but my entry and a few others got featured along with the winner on the Fstoppers website. You can view my entry below. But before you scroll down any further you should play this clip first. =)

Original Entry

Re:retouch Robocop vs Terminator

I made another version after I learned about this Robocop vs Terminator comics from the 90’s.

They provided some amazing RAW images to play with. Out of the 8 photos provided,  the photo of Robocop  pointing a gun at a fleeing old man caught my eye, I had an idea to upgrade the old guy to a cyborg, after all it would be sad to see Murphy gunning down an old man. Although if you look at the original photo, it seems that Robocop’s aim is a bit off. Maybe he was aiming at something else and the old guy is an innocent civilian?

Stocks from stock exchange, cgtextures and deviantart.

Terminator Renders and other elements :Stiks-1969 via cheyenne75

Some reference images. Color treatment hugely influenced by the Kavinsky and Drive posters.

This was one of the more exciting pieces I’ve worked on in a while, I hope you guys like it!