Re:retouch Gamer Chick

For this week’s weekend project, I dug up the Blinque 2012 Calendar photos again, and picked a few of my favorites for a new weekend project called Re:retouch. In all the composites I’ve done, I’ve never been truly satisfied. There is always something to change, to add or take out, from a minor superficial fix to abstract symbolisms, as the great Leonardo Da Vinci once said “art is never finished, only abandoned”.

In the next few weekends, I’ll be working on 5 of my favorite photos from the calendar shoot, one each weekend. For today I picked the “Gamer Chick” photo, this is my 5th favorite from the set. Checkout the changes I made to the photo below.

Re:retouch, one big major change I did was the color treatment, I gave it a more sexy pink and violet this time. The new colors seem to give it more depth.

From the original I already did a head replacement, sadly I don’t have the copy anymore. From that I created the master file.Then I started from scratch with skin cleanup color correction/grading the only thing I didn’t redo were the HUD elements.

Compared to the original composite, the new look gave it a more powerful feminine feel.