The Apple Jump

First time MacBook Pro owner here.

I’ve been using my new MacBook for a couple of weeks now and I must say, as a long time Windows user, all the OS X hype about “it just works” is real — on some things.

I’ve used Macs occasionally in the office, but now that I’ve been using it 24/7, my experience  so far has been very positive. The basics included in OS X does make you more productive compared to it’s Windows counter parts.

The First 24 Hours

I love is how easy it was to share my MacBook Pro folders and gain access from my main Windows desktop workstation and network drives, but not so easy setting it up the other way around. There maybe some security issues about how easy it is, but I’m not worried about that for now.

Overall I’m loving OS X. But all of this may also be because it’s shiny and new.

Trackpad is also very smooth, force touch is cool and multi-touch is perfect! I never thought the Apple multi-touch compared to my previous laptops multi-touch would feel so different but it does. I usually do use a Wacom tablet for all my navigation, but now I’m using more of the trackpad instead and the tablet for the more detailed work.

Why Apple?

Specs-wise I got the 15-inch mid-2015 model with dedicated AMD graphics card. I know I could have gotten a cheaper laptop with same or better specs but I have three main reasons for the Apple jump.

First is build quality, the MacBook pro is undeniably well built and well thought off. I’ve had two laptops in the past 3 years, they did have decent internals, but with the plastic built body. The screen hinges were always the first ones to break. Which eventually led to breaking the connection to the lcd screen.

Second is support. At first I opted for repairs on my old laptops, but everywhere I inquired they were out of parts and everyone had no idea if they were gonna get new ones. With Apple products there’s the Apple Care Program. Expensive add-on for the extended warranty, but could save you more in the event of a problem. Though I wish I’ll never get to use it. It’s a good backup to have .

Third is durability, lets go back a decade, I’ve probably used 7 laptops in the last ten years. That’s almost like buying a new one every year, costing probably more compared to an Apple laptop! All of them broken, some did get repairs but still didn’t last long. While people I know using Macs updated once or twice in the past decade, though some Apple fanatics did get a new ones every major update. But point is they do last long at least 5 years or so and they also have a very good resale value years later.

Apple Readings

Another reason was, because of these books – Ed Catmull’s “Creativity, Inc. ” and Brent Schlender , “Becoming Steve Jobs” –Just some inspiring stories and insight on the Steve Jobs legacy and the books somehow made me want an Apple laptop.

Final Thoughts

This MacBook Pro setup paired with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD has been really great so far, but it’s not perfect. I still need my Windows machine as I have a few apps I use daily that are not OS X compatible. My solution now is controlling my workstation via TeamViewer.

I did notice a few quirks with the latest Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC updates on OS X, which I hope they will remedy soon.