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Red Hood Feature Image

Red Hood Helmet Pepakura Foam Unfold Download PDO

red hood helmet pepakura file
Red Hood helmet Pepakura file.

Red Hood Helmet Pepakura File

I’ve been getting some requests for the file, so I decided to just put it up for download.

1st 3d for Pepakura unfold. Not perfect but learned a lot.  I’m making a major update of the model soon (~ real soon), removing any unnecessary folds and fixing some poly’s.

My first attempt at building this failed big time. Proportions were off had to freehand to fix it. Let’s hope you guys can do better. I’m only sharing a locked pdo file. Goodluck!

Download Link below

[sociallocker]Download Red Hood Pepakura [/sociallocker]

If you built it share some photos.

Feature image is my Red Hood fanart, you can view it hi-res on my Behance page.



Plan Your Lighting in a Virtual Photo Studio

On this week’s app find! set.a.light 3D Studio a virtual photo studio program from Elixxier. Plan your lighting before you shoot, think of it as Sims for photographers. Anyone familiar with 3D or playing games will find the program easy to use.You can move and adjust everything around, choose your room type, add a backdrop and every type of light is available plus their modifiers and a few helpers eg. a reflector. You also get a few models with different poses to choose from and there are also some props available for you to play with. Checkout their video for an overview of the program. It’s in German but you’ll get the idea.

I’ve been playing around with it for a few days. Below are some of my renders with basic lighting setup.

Had fun with the program just had a few problems, Some menu options were still in German, I couldn’t find an undo button and when exporting the lighting setup it kept crashing on my machine. But overall it’s a great find. And might help with planning your shots.

You can get set.a.light.3D Studio here for € 139 ($178) or try it for 15 days.


Sync Feature Image

Dropbox Alternative to Sync Files Locally ~ Updated March 2016


BitTorrent sync, now only branded as Sync has been updated since I posted this blog entry and I thought I’d give an update and share a few more thoughts. After three years this is one app is still my go to solution for syncing files locally within my network of devices.

One major update they did was, it now syncs across multiple devices and platforms, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and even sync NAS setups from Synology, Drobo and Western Digital.  Another new feature is the secure link sharing, you can add expiration on shared folders and you can folder access prompts owner for approval. Sync is still free  but now they also offer a Sync Pro version.

Sync Pro includes, more folder options like assigning folder ownership to other users, change access permissions anytime, save space as Pro version has the ability to sync file placeholders and only download files when needed.

For more info visit their website : BitTorrent Sync

For me the free version is enough for my needs and is an essential part of my daily computing needs.



In my line of work I constantly switch from my desktop to laptop, move tons of photos between machines and use Dropbox to sync files with clients. But sometimes I just need to sync between my PC’s and not want it uploaded to the cloud.

What I usually do is transfer files to an external hard drive or create a network folder and copy files from there but it’s a hassle to setup.

In comes BitTorrent Sync, no it’s not a torrent download client its a tiny piece of software that syncs folders directly from one machine to another locally, no servers no cloud. It uses torrent technology to securely sync your files. No size limits on the files you can sync. Unlike Dropbox which you need to put files on one special folder, BitTorrent Sync can work on any folder directly and sync them. Best of all it’s freeware.

It isn’t perfect yet, there’s no mobile support as of now and both machines need to be active for files to sync. It’s not Dropbox so you can’t access your files on the fly if your on a random computer. But even with it’s cons it’s a fantastic piece of software that saves a lot of time.

Sync unlimited files between your own devices, or share a folder with friends and family to automatically sync anything.

File transfers are encrypted. Your information is never stored on a server in the cloud and your data is protected by private keys.

BitTorrent Sync is specifically designed to handle large files, so feel free to sync original, high quality, uncompressed files.