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Red Hood Feature Image

Red Hood Helmet Pepakura Foam Unfold Download PDO

red hood helmet pepakura file
Red Hood helmet Pepakura file.

Red Hood Helmet Pepakura File

I’ve been getting some requests for the file, so I decided to just put it up for download.

1st 3d for Pepakura unfold. Not perfect but learned a lot.  I’m making a major update of the model soon (~ real soon), removing any unnecessary folds and fixing some poly’s.

My first attempt at building this failed big time. Proportions were off had to freehand to fix it. Let’s hope you guys can do better. I’m only sharing a locked pdo file. Goodluck!

Download Link below

[sociallocker]Download Red Hood Pepakura [/sociallocker]

If you built it share some photos.

Feature image is my Red Hood fanart, you can view it hi-res on my Behance page.


Tiny Tardis Build Lenin Lavina

Weekend Project – Doctor Who Tiny Tardis Build Project

Doctor Who Tiny TARDIS build project.

I’ve seen a couple of photos of mini TARDIS builds around the interwebs before but didn’t really think about building it, but after seeing the TARDIS shrunk in Doctor Who Season 8 Flatline episode, I knew I had to build my own.


Doctor Who Clara
Clara holding tiny TARDIS
First step researching it’s dimensions, found a few references but then I found something better ~ a high quality TARDIS 3D model!  Rasmus Jürs made a  fantastic 3d Model of the Tardis ( 2016 Update Links to 3D model is dead. ). So I used his model and prepped and pepped the parts.
TARDIS 3D Model by Rasmus Jurs


Tardis Pepakura - Foam board
Tardis Pepakura – Basic pieces to build le TARDIS

  • 5 mm Thick foam board
  • Card stock
  • White glue
  • Hot glue
  • Plastic folder

I still haven’t figured out what to use for the lamp up top.

Few sloppy cuts on the angled corners, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little wood filler.

Stuck a flashlight inside. It’s looking good so far, but I’m thinking of rebuilding the top to have space for proper LED lighting.


Update Febuary 4, 2015

The TARDIS is done and ready for space and time travel!

_MG_2141 _MG_2203 _MG_2143


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