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Robocop vs Terminators Feature Image

Robocop In Pursuit



Last February I entered Douglas Sonders, Robocop retouching contest, didn’t win but my entry and a few others got featured along with the winner on the Fstoppers website. You can view my entry below. But before you scroll down any further you should play this clip first. =)

Original Entry

Re:retouch Robocop vs Terminator

I made another version after I learned about this Robocop vs Terminator comics from the 90’s.

They provided some amazing RAW images to play with. Out of the 8 photos provided,  the photo of Robocop  pointing a gun at a fleeing old man caught my eye, I had an idea to upgrade the old guy to a cyborg, after all it would be sad to see Murphy gunning down an old man. Although if you look at the original photo, it seems that Robocop’s aim is a bit off. Maybe he was aiming at something else and the old guy is an innocent civilian?

Stocks from stock exchange, cgtextures and deviantart.

Terminator Renders and other elements :Stiks-1969 via cheyenne75

Some reference images. Color treatment hugely influenced by the Kavinsky and Drive posters.

This was one of the more exciting pieces I’ve worked on in a while, I hope you guys like it!

Forever Alone Feature Image

Re:retouch Game or Girl

Quick re-edit from Blinque’s 2012 calendar. Another one of my favorites from the shoot, did basic cleanups on skin painted in stray hair and giving the photo a more balanced composition. Checkout the original edit and raw photo below.


Went for a warm golden night color tone.


October – Soon to be forever alone Lvl: 300



After the rain? Another version a bit more blue and added water droplets to the window.

Gamer Girl

Re:retouch Gamer Chick

For this week’s weekend project, I dug up the Blinque 2012 Calendar photos again, and picked a few of my favorites for a new weekend project called Re:retouch. In all the composites I’ve done, I’ve never been truly satisfied. There is always something to change, to add or take out, from a minor superficial fix to abstract symbolisms, as the great Leonardo Da Vinci once said “art is never finished, only abandoned”.

In the next few weekends, I’ll be working on 5 of my favorite photos from the calendar shoot, one each weekend. For today I picked the “Gamer Chick” photo, this is my 5th favorite from the set. Checkout the changes I made to the photo below.

Re:retouch, one big major change I did was the color treatment, I gave it a more sexy pink and violet this time. The new colors seem to give it more depth.

From the original I already did a head replacement, sadly I don’t have the copy anymore. From that I created the master file.Then I started from scratch with skin cleanup color correction/grading the only thing I didn’t redo were the HUD elements.

Compared to the original composite, the new look gave it a more powerful feminine feel.

Moonlit Wish Feature Image

Moonlit Wish Feat. Alodia Gosiengfiao

Blinque and SplatPH photoshoot / interview with the cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao. This photo has been sitting pretty and forgotten on my desktop for nearly half a year. Had a bit of a creative block when I got the photos and this was an unexpected photo from a friend Eight Espino for our friends over at Blinque and SplatPH. Sorry guys nadugay!Haha. Alodia was a guest judge at the Mindanao Cosplay Summit 2012 organized by Ambox. This was an after event photoshoot. Checkout the breakdown video and photos below.


Stock photos used for the moon, bird, mountains. The rest just basic Photoshop goodness.


I had a few problems when I was brainstorming a concept for the edit. First off who/what anime/manga was she cosplaying? Is it anime/manga related at all? or an original? Why don’t I recognize this?! My soul died a little inside that day. Turns out the dress was a gift from Doll Heart. Ok now thats out of the way. Should I go gothic drama dark? Skulls? Crosses? Crows? A single tear running down her cheek?


Had a bunch of options, Eight had a lot of good portraits from the set but I opted to go with this full body, her expression is just what the I needed. Decided not to go too gothic dark, but went for a more hope and dreams kind of thing. Original photo on the left. I did some body parts replacement to get the pose I needed. Although looking at it now, it could have worked without replacing the arms. Yes yes just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


Did a little bit of tailoring on the dress, cutting out a part of the dress to give a little separation from the legs. Then finally masking out the background.




Eight Productions

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Silentman Studios Retouching

Midnight Noir Feature Image

Midnight Noir Breakdown

Sultan Ghahtani aka Photo Sultan did a a fantastic job on this photoshoot with a 50’s-esque theme. The photo itself looks amazing even without retouching, but imagination takes over resulting into “Midnight Noir”. I have always loved the 40’s and 50’s era specifically pin-ups and the film noir look and feel.   For this touch up goal was to introduce more shadows and completely relight the scene. Check out the quick video breakdown below.

The final edit.


Le original photo.


Le black and white goodness in the spirit of Film noir. If you have questions Leave a comment below. Share and Enjoy.


Project : Midnight Noir

Photographer: Sultan Ghahtani

Retoucher/Digital Artist : Silentman Studios

Blinque November

Nomvember Blinque 2012 Calendar

Blast from the past. November photo for Blinque 2012 Calendar featuring zombies! Now a days who doesn’t love zombies?? They have been on an all time high since The Walking Dead came out. That’s why this is one of my 2012 favorites. I had a blast painting in the zombiefied effects. Checkout the breakdown and photos below.

Best weapon when zombies come at you? A sword and wait let me check hmmm…. a tablet!


Check out the video below to see more of the Blinque 2012 Calendar.

Project : Blinque Calendar 2012 – November Feature

Photographer: Eight Productions

Retoucher/Digital Artist : Silentman Studios